Lilian writes about people who made a difference for her in her professional life. Doug Tompkins, founder of Esprit was one of them; his clear vision on sustainability was one of the founding pillars for her SchoolofLifeProjects.

Last week we lived thru Global Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Day with many retailers and brands competing on sustainable statements, most of it unfortunately being greenwashing. In this blog Vos speaks about the 5 questions that every consumer should ask to the retailer or the brand (s)he intends to buy from..

Vos, founder of SchoolofLifeProjects comments on fashion fair Premiere Vision who still divides artwork designs to be sold into categories into 'Exotic'and 'Indian' in a time where some (Fashion) brands like Pendleton, Isabel Marant and Marni caused severe Brand damage for themselves privatizing historical and cultural elements for their products without a single contribution to the communities involved. In a time where the voices of ethnic minorities get louder Brands should seek collaboration in stead of continuation of this abuse. According to SchoolofLifeProjects this collaboration results in a more three dimensional thought thru product and a move equal division of the money made by these products.
This blog tells you the wonderful story of a couple named Isabel Costa and Joao Tomas who fell in love with Serra da Estrela. Next to two hotels in the region this couple took it on them to save the local Burel wool factory from bankruptcy. By doing this the local community is able to work with their century old weaving skills and in full harmony with nature around them. SchoolofLifeProjects is very proud to be working in this factory since September 2019, creating poncho's and blankets.