We make poncho's in 100% bio wool. Our poncho's are woven on 150 year old weaving machines. The factory is part of a circular economy; It takes 5 hours to weave the poncho on the machine, and it takes another 5 hours to braid the fringes by hand..

If you want to know more about our factory and product development, check our blog!


We make our accessories out of two yarn qualities; RECY wool, and RECY tape, the last one being suitable for individuals who can't wear wool. The accessories are knit, together with the other collection pieces in the North of Portugal, many of our accessories have handmade details, in our blog secton


Our knitwear is made in a family owned factory in the North of Portugal. We use two different recycled yarns; RECY wool; recycled yarn based on wool and RECY tape; a yarn based on cotton. Our styles are inspired by Shephard and Fishermen styles. Many of our products are finished and embroidered by hand. A craft which is in the DNA of the makers. If you want to know more about how we produce please check our blog.


Our Blankets are woven on 150 year old machines in a weaving factory in the middle of the region Beira/Serra da Estrela. The community in one of the valleys of the region has been depending for a long time on the shephards and their herds, they maintain the environment, the sheep deliver the wool twice per year. In this circular environment you find amazing weave masters who have learned the craft from their fathers and grandfathers. We married the best of nature, with the best of local crafts and local design..


Did you know that if you compare an organic cotton t shirt to one in convential cotton you save 2500 liters of water? And half a cup of pesticides? If you add the ultimate softness of the brushed inside of our hoodies and the surface of our jersey you find a lot of reasons to never buy anything else again but our organic cotton hoodies and tees. It was Anita Roddick, the founder of Bodyshop, who said it very early on; Consumers have not been told effectively enough that shopping and purchasing involves a moral choice. This has been the thought behind our first range of artworks..

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