• Detail of blanket 'Serra da Estrela' folded in our blanket carrier 'Boaz'
  • Detail van SchoolofLifeProjects met een leren band van  een blanket carrier
  • Detail of red selvedge detail finished in the fringes of blanket 'Serra da Estrela'
  • picture of a Portugese shepard back in the 50-ties with his dog. His blanket has been a huge inspiration of our collection SchoolofLifeProjects
  • Label of SchoolofLifeProjects communicating our motto; 'Love. Live Fair..


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This blanket 'SERRA DA ESTRELA' is inspired by denim- and workwear. You can tell this on the patterns chosen for this blanket and on the red listing alongside the blanket. The material is organic wool. It takes 5 hours to weave one blanket on the 150 year machines as every time when the pattern changes the machine has to be stopped. The factory where the blankets are made is the heart of a circular community which works according the 'zero waste' principle. SchoolLifeProjects is an ethical textile brand operating between Interior and Fashion. We offer a poncho in the same pattern. detail foto van SchoolofLifeProjects deken 'Serra da Estrela' in de blanket carrier gerold.Zwart wit foto van het landschap in Nationaal Park 'Serra da Estrela'detail foto van het weefpatroon van deken Serra da Estrela;detail deken 'Serra da Estrela' met zicht op het collectie logo en het 'wash en care' logo. De kleuren off white, grey melange en burned orange

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