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In the National Park where the sheep graze you find region-specific sheep breeds; The Bordeleira sheep are the most important ones. They are adapted to the region and its weather conditions. In May the sheep are sheered by hand, with animal welfare as the most important focus. Maltreated animals don't deliver great wool.. The blanket is 2-coloured and has 2 different patterns in one design; it takes 5 hours to weave this blanket on the 150 year old machines. The blanket is finished with a red colored selvedge listing, the patterns are denim inspired. The blanket is 160x 180cm and is made out of 100% sheep wool. The blankets come with a certificate of Portugese origin, both for wool and production.

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Did you know we sell a poncho Belmonte as well? 

foto van gevouwen deken Belmonte van SchoolofLifeProjectsDetail of Blanket Belmonte in navy, off white and red selvedge detailFringes details blanket Belmonteselvedge detail from blanket Belmonte in color redselvedge detail at blanket Belmonte from the SchoolofLifeProjectsdetail 100% sheep wool blanket Belmontehand embroidery detail on blanket Belmonteoverview picture blanket Belmonte SchoolofLifeProjects collectionone of the 150year old machines used to weave the SchoolofLifeProjects collection (blankets and poncho's)detail belonging to SchoolofLifeProjects blanket 'Belmonte'A 150 year old weaving machine. The weave masters who operate the machines are weave expert, technician and designer at the same go.