Different ringer tees worn by athletes, Marlon Brando, and Debby Harry

All about the Ringer Tee

The Ringer T shirt, with its characteristic contrast colors, goes back to the 50-ties from the 20th century. First the style fitted denims by Lee and Levi’s paired with leather biker jackets, later the Ringer Tee became popular among athletes, particularly those in baseball and running, due to its sporty appearance in the 60-ties and 70-ties. The

T shirt became a corestyle for teams, differentiating players while maintaining a uniform and the style gained  further momentum and popularity during the revolutionary 60s and 70s amongst when young people that made it the core of their casual everyday outfit, again paired with denim. The Ringer T shirt literally never got out of style.

Our ringer T shirts are made of organic cotton, which is slightly heavier than the average cotton sold in the market (240 grams) which makes them ideal for everyday wear. As a symbol for youthculture, the ringer today is still proudly worn by musicians, artists and students alike. The style is ‘never out of style’ and many collections and designers feature it in a different way. Wear it with a denim and your favorite Redwing shoes, or wear it with a modern suit and sneakers. ;-)