• Detail of cushion Loriga, embroidered 'SchoolofLifeProjects' logo. To celebrate Spring Japanese Apple blossom is used to illustrate the time of the year
  • Detail of cushion Loriga, part of the Loriga design theme. The detail which is the focus of the picture which is the red selvedge for the viewer on the right side. The apple blossom is used to illustrate Spring time
  • Detail of cushion Loriga, burned orange stripe (horizontal) and selvedge detail (vertical). The fringes are made of warp yarn
  • Embroidered detail of 'SchoolofLifeProjects' embro for the viewer left in the bottom corner


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This cushion is made out of 50% organic cotton/50% organic wool fabric made on 150 year old machines in the heart of Serra da Estrela. The colors are natural white (off white), bright red and denim blue. The cushion is lined with organic cotton. The exterior is made of the the main fabric on the front- and on the back-panel. The front panel has a red 'SchoolofLifeProjects' embro and a red selvedge detail. The cushion is finished with fringes made of the warp yarn.

Picture of big cushion 'Loriga" made in an organic cotton/wool blend
Backside of Big Cushion 'Loriga' with a big zipper and a leather zipper puller
detail of an embroidery 'SchoolofLifeProjects' for the viewer on the left side of cushion Loriga
picture of big cushion 'Loriga' taken on a beautiful day, outside in the garden of the SchoolofLifeProjects officePicture of the backside of the cushion 'Loriga" with a symmetrical stripe pattern

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