Striped Spring Poncho in wool/cotton blend (organic)

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  • organic wool blended with organic cotton
  • 160x 180cm 
  • light weight 
  • great with denim 
  • two embro's on front and back panel, front panel for wearer left at bottom, back navy on centre back
  •  New Spring Poncho in wool/cotton blend (80-20) with a stripe pattern (see pictures). The stripes are asymmetrical across front- and back panel in colors red and blue.


    The poncho is finished with zigzag stitch in the colour of the poncho. The poncho's are woven on 150 year old woven looms in a wool factory in the heart of central Portugal. The factory is part of a circular economy between the mountain, the sheep and the factory with its loom master. The factory is supporting the local economy, and employs about 100 people.

    Once you have a poncho you will find many user moments for it; on fresh Spring nights, in spaces with  air conditioning, after beach, after hiking etc. The poncho can be washed on 30degrees and can be ironed. Dry cleaning is allowed.