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Our poncho Manteigas is named after a small city in the middle of Serra da Estrela, the National park where our sheep graze. Our poncho Manteigas is made of 100% organic wool. In this region you find regional specific sheep breeds; The Bordeleira sheep are most common, and they have adapted perfectly to the local circumstances. It is 100% Bordeleira wool which is used for this poncho. Because of the different patterns used in the poncho it takes 5 hours to weave one. Once the poncho is taken from the machine the knotting of the fringes takes another 5 hours. This is done by families in the valley and provides an extra source of income for them. The factory is family-owned and employs local weave masters who have wool in their blood.
This poncho measures 160x 180cm 
The yarn is 100% organic and local wool
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Did you know that we also have a blanket Manteigas? 
picture of our draped poncho Manteigas over a wooden couch. Our poncho Manteigas hanging on a tree in National Park de Hoge Veluwepicture of the handmade fringes on our SchoolofLifeProjects poncho Manteigasdetail of poncho Manteigas laying on the silk paper of the SchoolofLifeProjects poncho. Poncho Manteigas draped over a chair to show it in its stunning beautydetail of poncho Manteigas showing three patterns which make the total look stunning