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our SchoolofLifeProjects poncho on the 150 year old machines

picture of hanging poncho in blue and off white, and with a red selvedge detail along the side seamspicture of a beautiful guy sitting against a tree with a leather bag between his legs in which our poncho Belmonte is foldeddetailed picture of red selvedge detail on our poncho Belmontepicture of two patterns belonging to our poncho Belmontedraped poncho; it shows the two patterns and the red selvedge detailinside neck tape in red, detailed picture of poncho Belmonte

Named after one of the most beautiful villages in national park Serra da Estrela this Poncho is made of 100% organic wool. In the National Park where the sheep graze you find region-specific sheep breeds; The Bordeleira sheep are the most common ones. They are adapted to the region and its weather conditions. In May the sheep are sheared by hand, with animal welfare as the most important focus. Maltreated animals don't deliver great wool. The poncho is 2-coloured and has 2 different patterns in one design; it takes 5 hours to weave this poncho on the 150 year old machines. The poncho is finished with a red colored selvedge listing and has hand knotted fringes. The factory is family owned, and supports the local community.


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