Knitted Poncho in recycled yarn in off white melange colour

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Poncho's are the hottest thing happening on the streets currently; this one in grey melee is made in Italian tape yarn (50% recycled cotton/50% recycled polyester) The poncho is finished with a blanket stitch in dark brown melange (matching to stripe on the back-snel). The blanket stitch is made by hand in the factory in the north of Portugal. The embroidery is dark brown, matching to the stripe on the back panel and the yarn used for the blanket stitch. The neck opening is finished with a hand stitch in the same colour as the poncho. On the front and back panel we worked the linking part to the outside. (By linking you fix front and back panel). The poncho is one size only; 

length front panel; 80cm

length back panel; 90cm 

length rib at bottom; 15cm 

width; 150cm

width of neck opening; 26cm